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Jim Hughes - That's The Price She Pays / She Asked Too Much Of Me mp3 album

Jim Hughes  - That's The Price She Pays / She Asked Too Much Of Me mp3 album Performer: Jim Hughes
Title: That's The Price She Pays / She Asked Too Much Of Me
Style: Country
Size MP3: 1638 mb
Size FLAC: 1634 mb
Rating: 4.5

She said she can't go to the party. e said he has to go out. e said he is learning Russian. hat did she tell you? . nn said she didn't like Peter. ack told me that you were ill. lease don't tell Jim what happened. id Lucy tell she would be late? . he woman said she was a reporter. he woman told us she was a reporter. hey asked me a lot of questions but I didn't tell them anything. 1. hey asked me a lot of questions but I didn't say anything.

1) He said he liked that song. 2. She asked me where my sister was. 3. She said she didn't speak Italian. 16. She asked Peter if he prefered tea or coffee. 17. She asked me where I had spent my holidays previous year. 18. He said not to go too far. 19. He asked us if we had been shopping.

Linda said she’d bought that/the fishing rod the day before. Tony said it was a great game. Peter told us to look at the baseball gloves. She said they were the best baseball glovers she’d ever seen. She said she’s had them for years. Note: Ex: I said I like my new house  I said (that) I liked my new house. He agreed that she was very kind. He claimed that he had seen the accident. He complained that I never asked his opinion. He denied that he had ever met her. He exclaimed that it was a tragedy. He explained that it was a complicated problem. wonder + where/what/why/how + clause (when the subject of the introductory verb is not the same as the subject of in the indirect question. He asked himself, How old is she? He asked himself, Where are my keys? He asked himself, Why is she so cold? He asked himself, What is the right answer?

She asked, ‘Where have you been?’ 11. She asked, ‘Will they visit us in the summer?’ 12. ‘How did the fir start?’ the reporter asked. 13. ‘Who called the fire brigade?’ he asked. 14. ‘Did you ask people to leave the building?’ they asked. 15. ‘How many fire brigades are here now?’ he asked. When I called, Susie said she (give) the dog a bath, so she asked me to phone back in half an hour. 4. Marcus said he (try) to find a flat for ages before he finally found one he liked. 7. Richard said he and Patricia (be going) to invite her parents for the weekend, but I don’t know if they went or not. 8. Charlotte said last night that she really (love) me, even if she doesn’t always show.

Be careful, Ben," she said 3. "I will get myself a drink," she says 4. "Why havent you phoned me?" he asked me. → He wondered why I hadnt phoned hi. . He said, "Dont go too fa. → He advised her not to go too far 9. "Have you been shopping?" he asked us. → He wanted to know if we had been shopping 10. "Dont make so much noise," he says. He asks us not to make so much noise. I. Complete the sentences in reported speech. He said, "I like this song. He said he liked that son. "I dont speak Italian," she said 4. "Say hello to Jim," they said.

parade float won first prize last year. A which В that С whose 2. Make sure you includ.in your daily diet her stolen car. A they had found В did they find С had they found 5. We want to have a beach party so we can say a(n. goodbye to summer, before we start school A freezes.

While previous generations, (3)who lived before the electronic age, had musical instruments and card games (4)that they played to pass the time, we have PlayStations, computers, televisions and stereos. Although parents (5)whose teenagers spend a lot of time on these activities might worry about the effect (6)which it is having on them, for most of us they provide harmless fun, which is becoming more important as life becomes more stressful

Are you and the others planning a surprise birthday party for me? A milk B beans C salt. 34 Anne asked her new classmate where. A did he come B he came C does he come. 35 Make sure you wear a hat when you're out in the. sun. A scorching B boiling C baking. 36 Turn on channel 9! There's live. of the tornado in Florida. about 65 millions years ago.


A That's The Price She Pays 2:40
B She Asked Too Much Of Me 2:20

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